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  • Clients are asked to wash hands thoroughly when entering the massage practice. Although masks are not required, disposable face masks are available if needed, and the therapist will gladly wear a fear mask if asked by the client.

  • 24-hour cancellation notice is required prior to the start of the appointment. A fee equivalent to a 60-minute session will automatically be charged to the account in the case of no-shows and missed appointments. IF ANY SYMPTOMS OF COVID-19 or any other illnesses are present, please rest assured that cancellation fees will be WAIVED, and appointment will be rescheduled. Health and safety is a PRIORITY

  • If any symptoms related to Covid-19 are present, or if having recently arrived from a Covid-19 hotspot, client will be asked to reschedule appointment.

  • Please arrive at least 5-10 minutes early to the appointment to allow for enough time for paperwork and assessment. Sessions will end at the scheduled time to ensure the next client is not delayed. Arriving late will reduce the time of treatment and full fee will still apply.

  • Please do not wear lotions, oils or fragrances as it might interfere with the treatment and/or of the next client’s as well.

  • Please turn off cell phone devices to ensure a fully relaxing environment.

  • Client will be fully draped (as required by NC law) exposing only the areas that are being treated, and always undressing to the level of comfort of the client. Client has full right to stop the session at any time and for any reason.

  • Sexual behaviors, comments, advances or anything related to that matter by either the client or the therapist will not be tolerated and the session will be terminated at once.

  • In the event of client or therapist illness and for the safety and wellbeing of both, the appointment shall be rescheduled.

  • The therapist will adhere to the limitations of massage therapy practice. This includes but is not limited to diagnosing and/or giving opinions about medical conditions and/or prescribing of medications. Therapist may refer client to another therapist or health physician. 

  • Communication between client and therapist shall be conducted by provided email and/or phone number within the business hours established (830am-830pm, Tuesday-Friday; 830am-430pm, Saturdays).

  • All personal information and communication between client and therapist regarding the client shall remain strictly confidential. Permission by the client is required to release personal information to a third party.

  • For outcall (in-home) appointments, a previous phone meeting with the client is required to discuss treatment space, logistics, etc.

  • Parents/guardians of patients under 18 years of age are required to be in the treatment room during the session at all times.

  • Therapist has the right to refuse a client if he/she is being belligerent, appears to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs, does not adhere to basic standards of ethics and behavior and/or makes any sexual remarks or actions.

  • Available payment options are cash, debit or credit card, Venmo, Apple Pay, Google Pay, or check.

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